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GASWORKS Dibden Purlieu in Southampton

Southampton : Gas Applainces



Dibden Purlieu

New Forest


The Souths Leading

Family-Run Gas Company.


02380 840257





Gasworks employs the country's leading companies to supply its needs for installations and repairs


Services we provide include:



Heating & Boilers

Affordable and Environmentally Friendly Heating and Boiler Solutions

We know that no home can be without a fully functional heating and boiler system. So whether you are moving into a new home, making home improvements, or need an emergency installation - we are here to help.





As a main agent for the top manufacturers, you can rest assured in the knowledge that each installation will be using the highest quality products and appliances.

Warm Air

Warm Air offers superb warmth along with the peace of mind of efficiency and reliability. You are sure to enjoy the significant benefits including; speedy warm up times, no need for radiators, no pipes to leak or freeze up and the ability to enjoy water heating and electronic air cleaning.

On top of low carbon emissions and low operating noise levels, warm air also offers more filtration than central heating, with additional special filters for the likes of asthma sufferers.

Fires & Fireplaces


Acting as the focal point of most living rooms, a fireplace can be the key to creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

As well as a fireplace which is functional and capable of warming the house in the winter months, we know that it also needs to look great throughout the year.

Complimenting Your Living Space

In our main showrooms, situated in Southampton and Dibden Purlieu, you can enjoy taking a look at our wide range of fires and fireplaces. As well as gas and electric fires, you will also find solid fuel fires, fireplaces, fire surrounds and a wide selection of brochures with more to choose from.

We have lots of different shapes and sizes, with varying finishes and style from the leading manufacturers, so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Installation & Service

Expert installation, frequent servicing and ongoing maintenance are a crucial part of owning a home, and failure to consider these elements can have incredibly damaging and dangerous effects.

At Gasworks, we take all of these things very seriously. That's why we never use contractors; we have our own in house team of highly skilled, gas safe registered engineers. No matter which appliance or system, or how big or small, we will always ensure that you receive a professional installation. What's more, we encourage all of our customers to consider a service and maintenance plan to help keep your home safe.



Central Heating Systems
Solar Heating
Fires and Surrounds
Plumbing Spares, and Repairs


Fast, Friendly Professional Service Guaranteed

Free No Obligation Quotations Available.




If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to use the Website Link below.





Tel: 02380 840257


We Look Forward To Hearing From You

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    GASWORKS Dibden Purlieu
    4 Merriemead Parade  
    Dibden Purlieu  
    SO45 4PY  

    Tel: 02380 840257  

    GASWORKS Dibden Purlieu
    Gas Applainces

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    GASWORKS Dibden Purlieu
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