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UK  Silver Jewellery Specialists

Zoo Jewellery was founded when the three of us, Jim, Simon and me Rob, friends from college days realised that we had a shared passion for design, fashion and travel.

Since then we have endeavoured to use our skills and passions to the full in the building of Zoo Jewellery and now enjoy jewellery hunting in far off places to discover new designs, building relations with smaller companies and thus ensuring support for local craftspeople and working hard to secure a fair price for all.

Our ethos remains the same today as it did twenty years ago to provide innovative affordable jewellery with great service.

Over the last twenty years Zoo Jewellery have developed a good reputation for selling beautiful innovative jewellery from around the world and in particular specialising in silver jewellery. Couple that with a few carefully chosen UK suppliers with similar design flair and you have the complete Collection. We now have this strong on-line UK Silver Jewellery store as well as a high street presence with three gorgeous shops in the South of England.

At Zoo Jewellery we stock an amazing variety of both world made and UK made silver jewellery which you can buy through our secure website. Be assured that we send out our Silver Jewellery throughout the UK, Europe and World-wide on a daily basis and take a look at our testimonials page for a bit of feedback from our customers.

Buying from a leading internet supplier is risk free as our quality promise ensures the following:


New to Zoo Jewellery in 2009, we have introduced our Gemstone Jewellery and Diamond Jewellery Collections. These two exciting jewellery ranges complement our existing collection of Silver Jewellery.

Have a browse of the ever popular Kit Heath jewellery or the great selection of Zoo Jewellery’s own Zoo Exclusive Collection – a bohemian range of jewellery from around the world.

Also there’s the latest Designer Silver Jewellery range, a chic and ever growing collection, plus the timeless Celtic Jewellery in either silver or pewter finishes. Top these off with our funky, design-led Contemporary silver range, our Jewellery for Men and our fabulous Turquoise Jewellery Collection and you’ll realise what a great choice we have.

Everything comes beautifully packaged at a sensible price for that special gift or treat…

Enjoy shopping on-line with Zoo Jewellery, the UK’s silver jewellery specialists, we are delighted to offer you this personal invitation to view our exclusive Collections.





01962 850922



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Zoo Jewellery
147 High Street  
SO23 9AY  

Tel: 01202 513536  

Zoo Jewellery


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