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Friedas in Winchester

Winchester : Cafe and Tearooms

Frieda's Tearooms






01962 810608


  • MENU:




  • We only serve free-range eggs and butcher's sausages !


  • English Classic-Smoked bacon,sausage,2 eggs,tomatoes,fried mushrooms,hash brown,Heinz baked beans and door step toast.
  •  £8.50
  • Mini Breakfast-Smoked bacon,sausage,2 eggs,Heinz baked beans,and door step toast.£7.20
  • Vegetarian Breakfast:(v) -2 fried eggs,fried mushrooms,tomatoes,hash browns.Heinz baked beans and door step toast.£6.50
  • (add karge vegetarian sasuage for £2.00)
  • Eggs Benedict-Poached eggs,smoked bacon,Hollandaise sauce,allserved on a warm English Muffin.£7.10
  • (add avocado for £2.00)
  • Eggs Florentine (v)-Poached eggs,steamed spinach mixed with caramelized onions and peppers topped with Hollandaise sauce served on a warm English Muffin. £7.10
  • Queens Breafast-Eggs Florentine with extra smoked salmon.
  • Plain Croissant or Toast-Served with butter,jam,marmalade or honey.£3.50
  • Filled Croissant-With smoked salmon & Philadelphia,or ham & cheese.£5.95
  • Two Eggs-Fried or poached,with 2 sausages or bacon or Mushrooms and tarragon(v) on white or granary toast.£5.95
  • Scrambled Eggs (v) -3 Eggs with milk and butteron doorstep bread white or granary toast.£5.95
  • With mushrooms and tarragon.£6.20
  • With smoked salmon.£7.50
  • Prorridge(v)-With berries and sultana,honey and banana,or dried fruit and maple syrup.£5.50



  • Lunch:
  • Homemade soup of the day – served with doorstep

     buttered granary bread.   £5.50   

  • Quiche of the day- served with doorstep buttered granary bread. £5.50    

  • All Day Breakfast-bacon,sausage,2 eggs (fried or poached),tomato,fried mushrooms,Heinz baked beans,potato wedges and doorstep toast. £8.95

  • Classic Caesar Salad-crispy romaine lettuce,croutons,Parmesan & Caesar dressing with avocado or sliced chicken breast.£9.50

  • Breaded chicken Strips-served with salad and potato wedges. £9.50

  • Jacket potatoes-served with side salad.

  • Cheese and beans (v) £6.50

  • Ham with cheese or homemade coleslaw.£6.95

  • Homemade chilli. £8.50

  • Tuna and mayonnaise. £8.50

  • Doorstep sanwiches-served on white or granary bread.

  • Homemade egg mayonnaise, £5.50

  • Chicken BLT.£7.95

  • Ham served with cheese,or coleslaw tomato or pickle. £6.50

  • Crayfish and Mary Rose sauce. £7.95

  • Hot Brie,bacon and cranberry sauce. £7.20

  • Hot Brie,sundried tomato's pesto and basil.£7.20

  • Extra Sides:

  • Potato weges or chips. £2.20
  • Homemade coleslaw. £1.80
  • Side salad. £2.00
  • Avocado. £2.00


  • Sweets:
  • All our cakes are Homemade.
  • Cream tea- a pot of tea or Americano coffee.
  • served with sultana scones,strawberry jam & Cornish clotted cream. £6.50
  • Homemade brownie-served with caramel sauce,chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. £4.50
  • Homemade cakes-
  • A selection of homemade ckes are available.
  • Please ask for choices.or refer to cake counter from: £3.00
  • Frieda's Afternoon Tea-
  • Aselection of finger sandwiches,homemade cakes,sultana scones with strawberry jam Clotted cream and a pot of tea or Americano coffee.
  • All served on a 3-tier cake stand. £15.00
  • Served with Prosecco. £18.00
  • Food allergies and intolerances;
  • Customers are advised to let our staff know if any food may cause allergic reaction prior to order.

  • Drinks:
  • Tea:
  • English Breakfast tea, Earl Grey. £2.00
  • Peppermint,Green Tea,Lemon & Ginger, Red Berry,Chai Tea, Camomile,Decaffeinated Tea. £2.20

  • Coffee:
  • Americano. £2.50

  • Cappuccino. £2.80

  • Latte. £2.80

  • Espresso. £2.00

  • Flat White. £2.50

  • Frieda's Mocha:
  • Classic,White,Caramel, Mint, Orange. £3.20
  • Hot Chocolate:
  • Classic,White,Caramel,Mint ,Orange. £3.20
  • Special: Cream,Marshmallows and Malteasers. £3.95
  • Freshly made juices:
  • Orange. £2.95
  • Apple. £2.95
  • Carrot,Ginger, & Apple. £2.95
  • Watermelon, Apple & Lemon. £2.95
  • Freshly made Smoothies:
  • Strawberry & Rasberry. £3.30
  • Strawberry & Banana. £3.80
  • Passion Fruit & Mango. £3.80
  • Ice Cream Milkshakes:
  • Chocolate- Strawberry- Vanilla. £3.50
  • Bottles:
  • Coca-Cola/Diet coke. £2.50
  • Still Water/ Sparkling. £1.50
  • Kids:
  • Hot or cold milk. £1.50

  • Hot Chocolate. £2.50

If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to use the Website Link below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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6a Parchment Street  
SO23 8AT  

Tel: 01962 810608  

Cafe and Tearooms


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