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Animed Vetenary Hospital in Southampton

Southampton : Vets

Animed Vetenary Hospital

We cover the south Hampshire area from Romsey across to Chichester. Surgical,

hospital facilities and out of hours cover for pet animals are centralised at Shedfield Veterinary Hospital so as to maximise the breadth and depth of care we can provide for our clients and their pets.

Being a Registered RCVS Tier 3 Small Animal Veterinary Hospital all in-patients receive 24 hour nursing support and care from our on-site nurses.

There is a purpose built Equine diagnostic and hospitalisation unit built into the south of the Hospital.

There is a network of five Animed Branch Clinics at Portsmouth, Cowplain, Gosport, Locksheath and Hedge End providing local care in the South Hampshire area.

Trained receptionists are available to help you at our branch clinics during their opening hours.

Head of Equine department and Clinical Director: D N G Langrish MRCVS Animed provides a long established service to horses owners.

In addition to normal routine visits for vaccinations, teeth rasping and stud work.

We perform many purchase examinations, lameness investigations and react quickly to emergencies such as colics and road accidents.

There is a fully equipped Equine Unit adjacent to the hospital at Shedfield with full surgical and diagnostic facilities, endoscopy, ultrasound, X-ray, ECG etc and in-patient care.


We offer:

The Highest Standard of Care. The Latest Medical and Diagnostic Equipment and Surgical Facilities.

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Animed Vetenary Hospital
Botley Road  
SO32 2JG  

Tel: 01329 833112  
Fax: 01329 834307  

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