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Riven Historic Building Specialists in Southampton

Southampton : Plastering services



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We are a Partnership and all our staff are committed to ensuring that you get the best service.


We specialise in supplying and fitting to traditional and natural building & decorating products for all types of buildings.


We aim to encourage people to protect not only their investment in a property but also more broadly the architectural heritage and skills that it represents.


We know that a business such as ours depends on giving our customers the finest quality and unbeatable prices.


We promise to treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves.


We believe that our service is second to none and that our customers will find our knowlege and skill in the craft is unbeatable.



The advantages of using lime putty plaster over cement based mortars and pure gypsum plasters for internal plastering of traditional properties especially when decorated with limewash are, that their porosity allows the structure to breathe which can reduce condensation and can accomodate general movement better which can result in having a self healing nature which reduces cracking problems.


Our staff are highly skilled to bring this traditional craft to our customers with excellent results to bring old properties back to their original splendour.


All our staff are trained in house with meticulous care that they can benefit our customers.


Our services include:

Work for Listed and Period properties.
General domestic Building Work.
All Indoor and Outdoor Plastering Work.
Lime Putty and Lathe Work.
Insurance and Grant work.


Call now for a free no obligation quotation, or alternatively please use the Website link below to see the full range of products and services we can offer you.


Tel: 023 80 234843


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Riven Historic Building Specialists
Nightingale Road  
SO16 OTF  

Tel: 023 80 234843  

Riven Historic Building Specialists
Plastering services


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