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Kevin Drake in Southampton

Southampton : Photographer

Kevin Drake







On your wedding day I will capture those special moments to provide you with unforgetable images that you and your family will treasure forever.


Your WEDDING DAY is one of the most important occasions of your life so it is important to choose a photographer who can provide relaxed and natural photography to allow you to enjoy your special day.


Having specialised in traditional and contemporary wedding photography in the Hampshire and Dorset area for over 20 years, I have the expertise to help make your wedding a truly memorable occasion and with my relaxed, friendly yet professional approach you can be assured that I will capture the timeless images that you will treasure for a lifetime.



At our initial meeting I will discuss your requirements and show you a selection of my portfolios so that I can get an idea of your preferred style and make sure my coverage is tailored to suit your needs whether traditional, contemporary or a combination of both.


You can also choose to have colour, black and white or sepia prints in a variety of shapes and sizes.


If you wish to discuss your wedding day please call me,

on:  023 80868801  for an informal chat and I will be pleased to arrange for you to view my portfolios, discuss your ideas and design the coverage and service you require.


To contact Kevin about your Wedding or Portrait photography please telephone,

or alternatively please feel free to use the Website Link below, this will provide you with additional information you may require.


Tel: 023 80 868801


I look forward to hearing from you.


Please tell Kevin Drake you found them

on Niche Local, Thank you!

Please tell Kevin Drake you found them on Niche Local, thank you.

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Kevin Drake
166 Salisbury Road  
SO14 1JH  

Tel: 023 80 868801  

Kevin Drake


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