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Wreford in Southampton

Southampton : Hedging and Topiary




Wreford Gounds Maintenance Ltd



WREFORD... is an established Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance company based in the south of England.


The Companys ability to supply quality large Hedging, Topiary and Ready-Planted Containers products throughout the United Kingdom is just one of the services Wreford is able to provide.


The company is involved in urban improvement schemes, research establishments, corporate headquarters, housing developments, ecological areas, school grounds and private garden design and build.

Wrefords management structure, combined with a skilled workforce, ensure projects are completed on time and within budget to their own high standard of workmanship; believed to be one of the highest in the industry.


HEDGING. A selection of native and european hedging plants, available as bare root, root ball or potted plants.


TOPIARY. A hand picked selection of large topiary from leading European nurseries. These topiary pieces are grown by skillful nurserymen with true craftsmanship, enthusiasm and real flair.


TREES. A wide variety of top quality trees from nurseries throughout Europe. The trees are available as field grown or container grown trees. We are able to supply quality stock at very competitive prices all-year-round.


SHRUBS & CONIFERS. A hand picked selection of specimen shrubs and conifers from leading European nurseries.


These beautiful plants will provide the finishing touches, and with stylish design can be used to create a stunning garden, or planted individually, as a traditional, unusual or unique solitaire.


For a Superb Range of Quality Hedging Plants and Stunning Topiary Specimens why not call into our Show Nursery, or use our Website Link to view the full range of services we can offer you !


Our nursery is open  Mon-Fri 7:30am - 5:30pm,

Saturdays 10am - 4:00pm.



If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to use the Website Link below.



023 80 813776


 We Look Forward to Seeing You..



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Hedging and Topiary Romsey Road  
SO51 6AF  

Tel: 023 8081 3776  
Fax: 023 8081 3737  

Hedging and Topiary


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