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Grooming Marvellous in Southampton

Southampton : Dog Grooming

Grooming Marvellous

Dog Grooming Services



''I started my dog grooming business in 2008
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I am very grateful to Niche for the exposure it
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Your local Dog Grooming Services

based in Hedge End, Southampton.



Richard the Owner of Grooming Marvellous is proud to offer a Friendly, Professional and Affordable service whatever your requirements may be.


We can accommodate all breeds of Dogs and crossbreeds.


The aim of Grooming Marvellous is to limit the amount of Stress on your Dog and Yourself with the reasurrance that your Dog is left in a Safe and Secure environment.


Nervous Dogs that find the prospect of being Bathed and Groomed daunting, will be treated with Confidence, and  in a Sensitive and Patient manner.


The Services we offer include:

Hand Stripping,
Anal Glands,
Ear Cleaning,
Nail Cutting,


All these services i provide are carried out

Professionally and to the Highest of Standards.


Pedigree and Crossbreed Dogs Groomed to your requirements.



For a Free Consultation or to Book an Appointment

please call Richard on:


Tel: 01489 781912 


Mobile:  07958 778730


E-mail: Click Here



We Look Forward to Hearing from you.


Please tell Grooming Marvellous you found them on Niche Local, thank you.

Grooming Marvellous Website:

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Grooming Marvellous
Hedge End  
SO30 4SE  

Tel: 01489 781912  
Mob: 07958778730  

Grooming Marvellous
Dog Grooming


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