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Extension Design in Southampton

Southampton : Architect services

Extension Design
Architect services



We provide clear and concise easy to read CAD Drawings.


Portfolio available to view.


A Professional and Freindly Service.


Competitive rates.


FREE initial Site Visit and Quotation.




The initial site visit and project discussion is free of charge, this will give me a better idea of what is required and a chance also to discuss other possible ideas you may have..


Previous drawings that i have completed will also be bought along to the meeting to show you the QUALITY of work i do..


The site visit is followed by a Written Quotation for the drawing work involved and will include the relevant council fee or Engineering fee..




Mobile no.. 07747 831366


Pleaes feel free to use the Website Link if you would like any additional information.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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Extension Design
Foxtail Drive  
SO45 4NZ  

Tel: 023 80 840635  

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Extension Design (Architect services) in Southampton.

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