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Extending Outdoors Ltd in Salisbury

Salisbury : Verandas and Pergolas

Extending Outdoors Ltd

The garden verandas, pergolas and sun protection specialists.

Our garden glass veranda ideas show you how to transform your outdoor living space. Create an enclosed veranda, garden room or use an awning or pergola to provide an ideal covered space. 
At Extending Outdoors, you will find the right sun protection for different areas of use, whether a garden patio, veranda, balcony, pergola or conservatory.

Extending Outdoors stands for professional customised solutions that not only improve your quality of life, but also create a completely new feeling of well-being under your outdoor living space.
Please note that garden awnings, vertical awnings and on roof awnings are sold on a supply only basis and you will need to either fit them yourself or engage with a professional fitter.
However, if you purchase a garden awning at the same time that you purchase a veranda or pergola then we will fit the awning for you.


01722 444590

 07718 180511

Red and purple striped awning

Terrace with awning

Light and dark blue striped awning

Awning on conservatory roof

House with vertical awnings

Lime green and white striped awning

If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to use the Website Link below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Extending Outdoors Ltd
Unit 8 Wiltshire Business Centre  
SP2 0AH  

Tel: 01722 444590  
Mob: 07718 180511  

Extending Outdoors Ltd
Verandas and Pergolas

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