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R & G Kearse in Salisbury

Salisbury : Plastering services

R & G Kearse...


Plastering and Dry Lining..



We are a Family Run firm with over 30 Years Experience..


The services we provide include all types of:

  • Plastering work..
  • Dry Lining..
  • Screeding..
  • Coving..
  • Re-Skimming and
  • Rendering..
  • We cater for either Domestic or Commercial contracts..
  • Exterior and
  • Interior Work..

 cover all areas within the South Coast..


Our Rates are very Competitive and we pride ourselves on offering a Prompt, Efficient and Proffesional service to all our clients large or small..


Call now for a Free no Obligation Quotation..


Tel: 01722 711995


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R & G Kearse
35 Greenfields  
West Grimstead  
SP5 3SH  

Tel: 01722 711995  

R & G Kearse
Plastering services


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