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South Coast Koi in Southampton

Southampton : Koi and Pond shop



The water garden specialists.



New Specialist Pond Shop


One of the largest suppliers in the area.


2,000 Gallon Pond and 10 Holding Tanks.


Come and see our stocks of :

great Koi,
Sturgeon etc 


We also supply and stock everything you need to build and maintain your Koi and Goldfish pond.


Expert professional advice always available.


Why not try our own brand feeds, fantastic value for money.


We sell:

Bonsai Trees,
Japenese style statues,
a selection of Pond Plants,
garden Water Features
and much much more.


Gift vouchers are also available.







We are open 7 Days a Week,

Mon to Sat 9.30am to 5.00pm

and Sun 10am to 4.00pm



Please use our Website Link below to see the full range of products and services we can provide to you.



Tel: 023 80 667701


We look forward to seing you.


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South Coast Koi
77 Rumbridge Street  
SO40 9DT  

Tel: 023 80 667701  
Fax: 023 80 667728  

South Coast Koi
Koi and Pond shop


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