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Upcher & Co in Southampton

Southampton : Garden Landscapers



Our company, named after Thomas Upcher, a Norfolk Squire, gardener of repute, connoisseur of fine arts and inspiration to others, was formed in 1990.

The directors and staff of Upcher & Co. aim to provide a specialist, personal and friendly landscaping service, priding themselves on working with and for clients to discover the best way to interpret their wishes.


is that we work for and with our clients, and are merely a means for them to create a garden of their dreams.

Additionally, we feel that gardens develop and the original design will almost certainly be modified during the period of construction, as new ideas evolve and previously hidden features materialise.

  • Advice,
  • Design & Planning..
  • Landscaping & Irrigation..
  • Restoration & Reclamation..
  • Sculpture & Water Features..
  • Lighting..
  • Garden Furniture..
  • Maintenance..

Upcher & Co. entwines the past and future, combining old-fashioned experience and values with cutting edge, contemporary design and planting ideas.

Whether you have a new garden or want to improve an established one, we specialise in creating imaginative and practical garden designs and landscapes.

Our reputation is built on our personal and friendly service, and high level of customer care.

As all gardens and gardeners are unique, we offer our clients different design packages.

From a hands-on approach through to a superlative service, each option is tailor- made for you and your gardens needs.

Upcher & Co working in conjunction with Fairweathers Garden Centre, Beaulieu, Hampshire

To arrange your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION why not give us a call..

Bespoke Garden Designs Packages available from £149.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You.


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Upcher & Co
Upcher House, 191-195 Long Lane  
SO45 2PD  

Tel: 023 80 890020  

Upcher & Co
Garden Landscapers


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