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Applewood Joinery Ltd in Romsey

Romsey : Carpenters & Joiners

Applewood Joinery Ltd





We are a  Family owned and run  Carpentry and Joinery buisness.


We our experts in our field and have well over 50 Years of knowledge, experience and experticse to call upon.


All our products are produced and maufactured in our own workshop and come with a full guarantee.


A full design and build service is available, as well as obtaining any Planning Permissions or Listed Building consents if required.


Our range of products include:



For a FREE no obligation quote why not give us a call.


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Range of Products and Services we can provide to you.


Tel: 01794 524254


We Look Forward to Hearing from you.


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Applewood Joinery Ltd
The Old Nursery, Malthouse Cottage  
SO51 9NJ  

Tel: 01794 524254  
Fax: 01794 830200  

Applewood Joinery Ltd
Carpenters & Joiners


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