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Gorgous Gowns in southampton

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Gorgous Gowns

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Gorgeous Gowns was established in 1998 and opened in Romsey in 2003 and is now widely recognised as one of the must visit bridal shops in Hampshire.


As a  FAMILY BUSINESS we are proud of our reputation for providing a truly professional and friendly service based on top class attention to detail.


Gorgeous Gowns offers a full range of exquisite gowns and accessories and with our award winning designer gowns which attracts customers from across Hampshire and beyond.


A full dressmaking service is available for our:

  • Wedding gowns,
  • Bridesmaid
  • Prom dresses.


All gowns will be professionally steamed pressed before collection.


Making your special day SPECIAL !


Our DESIGNER Collection offers a stunning and exqusite choice of Wedding gowns.


Designers include:

  • VENUS,


Jeanette or Kate will be happy to answer any questions and queries you might have,

or if you require any more information, or to arrange an appointment please contact us.


You may find the Website Link below usefull if you would like to see the full range of products and services we can provide to you.


We Look Forward to Hearing from You.

Gorgous Gowns Website:

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Gorgous Gowns
70 The Hundred  
SO51 8BX  

Tel: 01794 513087  

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