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China Town Winchester in Winchester

Winchester : Oriental Supermarket

China Town Winchester


" The shop that brings the true oriental taste into your home"





Our  product lines  have all the ingredients and accessories required for

Oriental / Asian cooking.

With our bulk purchasing power, we import directly many items from China Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia Thailand and Vietnam. This ensures our prices are kept low whilst simultaneously we are able to ensure the high quality and authenticity of the items.


With well-trained & knowledgeable staff we are aim to provide helpful and informative service, good high quality produce and maintain an ever-expanding product range to meet our customers' ever changing demands.

We are the first stop you should make if fresh, authentic ingredients are what you expect from a Chinese supermarket. Pay us a visit you will be pleasantly surprised

If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to contact us.


01962 850909





We look forward to hearing from you.


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China Town Winchester
51 Upper Brook Street  
SO23 8DG  

Tel: 01962 850909  
Fax: 02380 235900  

China Town Winchester
Oriental Supermarket

China Town Winchester
Opening Hours

Mon: 10-00am-7-00pm
Tue: 10-00am-7-00pm
Wed: 10-00am-7-00pm
Thu: 10-00am-7-00pm
Fri: 10-00am-7-00pm
Sat: 10-00am-7-00pm
Sun: 10-00am-6-00pm


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