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Reflex in Winchester

Winchester : Gift Shop

Reflex Gift Shop



An Independant Retailer based in Winchester High Street selling a range of Unique and Contemporary Gifts.


If you need to buy a gift or present for anyone, and you need something a little different we may be the shop for you!


The Range of Products we sell include:

  • Roberts Radios, We are an Authorised Dealer and always carry a good selection of the Latest Models, and have the full range available to order.
  • We are Authorised Dealers of Alessi Homeware and Watches.
  • Wall Clocks and Alarm Clocks
  • We are Authorised Dealers of Oregon Scientific Weather Stations.
  • We have A Range of Fair Trade Jewellery.
  • We are Authorised Dealers of Ledco Torches, Fantastic LED Torches, including the Best Buy recommended by the Sunday Telegraph.
  • A full range of Zippo Lighters
  • We are Authorised Dealers of Victorianox Pen Knifes.
  • We are Authorised Dealers of Leatherman.
  • A range of Unusual Retro Styled Phones.
  • Unusual Greetings Cards
  • Contemporary Gift Wrap available.


Please call if you would like any additional information, or alternatively please call into the shop to see the vast range of products on show.



01962 865566


I Look Forward to Seeing You.


Jane, Proprietor.


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151a High Street  
SO23 9AY  

Tel: 01962 865566  
Mob: 07791 397846  

Gift Shop


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