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Johnson Window Films in Southampton

Southampton : Window films

Johnson Window Films




Conservatory  or  Home too hot ? 

Need your Privacy without having to use Blinds ?

Then we are the Company for you !

Installing Window Films are a cost effective alternative to fitting Blinds.



Johnson Window Films UK Ltd offer quality products and service at competitive prices.


We are a well established distribution company, having been involved in the industry of window film products for the commercial, residential and auto tinting markets for over 30 years.


Our comprehensive range of products include window films to solve most glass related problems which include.
• Safety / Security - Clear or tinted
• Solar / Glare control - Many colours to choose from
• UV / Fade Protection - Clear or tinted
• Energy Saving - Ideal for reducing energy costs
• Glass Enhancement - Change the appearance of the building


Johnson Window Films UK Ltd are committed to quality.

Quality of service
Quality of products
Quality of support
Quality of training

We have reached our position of strength, by continuously striving for excellence in our field.


Because we are an independent company, we can be flexible, adaptable and fast moving in the way that we respond to the needs of our customers. We offer all of this along with many years of direct experience within the window film industry.


Our goal is to exceed our customers expectations and offer quality throughout the company.


Our Services include Films for:

Commercial Propertys
Anti - Graffiti
Residential Property
Security and Safety film
Speciality Commercial films.

The Scope of uses for our Films are endless,


please use our Website Link below to see the full range of products and services we can provide to you.




023 80 454593


Call now for a free no obligation quotation.


We look forward to hearing from you.




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Johnson Window Films
Unit 3 Mitchell Point, Ensign Way,  
SO31 4RF  

Tel: 023 80 454593   
Fax: 023 80 454594   

Johnson Window Films
Window films


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