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Love Your Pets in Southampton

Southampton : Pet Accessories


Pet Accessories



We are a family run Pet shop in the Woolston area of Southampton supplying Pet accessories and Pet supplies.


We have been based in Woolston for a couple of years and this year have moved to the prime location on Victoria Road.


 Helen and I have a vast experience of animals and am always able to give advice or help.


Love Your Pets pet shop has a varied range of supplies and if your requirements are not in stock I can source most supplies.

We can supply anything from:

Pet Bedding
Pet Food ( including frozen and live reptile food )
Hamster Cages
Food Bowls
Parrot Toys
and our special range of Diamond Pet Collars.


Browsers are welcome so do come in and have a look around.


Each week we hold a Dog Clinic with Darren of Dog & Bone to help dog owners with any concerns they may have.

As a family run business we provide an individual personal and professional service to all our clients.

If you need advice or information please ask and we will answer or find out for you.


We operate a local delivery service.


If you require any further information about the products and services we provide please feel free to call.



Tel: 0777 7673230


We look forward to hearing from you.



Please tell Love Your Pets you found them on Niche Local, thank you.

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Love Your Pets
34 Victoria Road  
SO19 9DX  

Mob: 0777 7673230  

Love Your Pets
Pet Accessories

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