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Hargroves Cycles in Southampton

Southampton : Cycle Shop


Shopping at Hargroves Cycles means....Reputation.



Peter Hargroves was an established cyclo-cross rider, once representing the UK in the discipline.


Peter’s love for the sport lead to opening our first store in 1985 in Southampton. Seven years later we opened in Winchester and in 1998, further afield to Chichester.


Hargroves Cycles Ltd has been a major supplier of the finest brands on the central southern coast and with the introduction of a warehouse and quality web-site a couple of years ago, Hargroves Cycles Ltd has grown rapidly, supplying more bikes and parts all over the country with our mail-order service.


Service. We take pride in our business. All of our customers are provided with the best impartial advice we can offer.

From Road to Cyclo-Cross, Cross Country to All Mountain, Down Hill to Trials, our staff are all enthusiasts so can offer quality advice from experience and not from a commission point of view.


We are main stockists for:



We offer Fast hassle free Shipping.


All current model bikes are shipped free of charge using our NEXT DAY COURIER.

This is available on all orders placed by 12noon Monday - Thursday.


Shipping reduced bikes is charged at a very reasonable £12 and is still shipped NEXT DAY.


Where possible, all items are sent out on the same day and all are recorded.


After Sales Service. When buying a new bike from us, we offer a complimentary service after 4-6 weeks of ownership.

This ensures your new bike continues to shift gear and brake, as it should.


We are your friendly local bike shop whether it be just around the corner or shipping to Scotland, please feel free to ring us with any questions you might have.


Please feel free to use our Website Link below, this will take you directly to our On-line shopping service, where you will find the full range of services and products we can offer you.


Tel: 023 80 789160


01962 860005


We look forward to hearing from you.


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Hargroves Cycles
453 Millbrook Road  
SO15 0HX  

Tel: 023 80 789160  
Tel 2: 01962 860005  

Hargroves Cycles
Cycle Shop

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