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Aerial Installations Ltd in Southampton

Southampton : Aerial services

Aerial Installations Ltd

Aerial services



Aerial Installations Has Been Established Since 1975


We are a Local Based Company that Specialise in all types of Aerial Installations.


We welcome Domestic and Trade Enquiries

and do not Charge a Call - Out fee.


Services include:

Digital / TV / FM.
Top Quality Equipment.
Supplied & Fitted By Experts At Competitive Prices.
Communal Systems.
Satellite DishesFully Insured & Guaranteed For 3 Years.
DIY - Supplied.
Storm Damage Repairs.
Specialists In Digital.

Call now for a FREE No Obligation Quotation.


CHANDLERS FORD  tel no: 023 80 253265

SOUTHAMPTON   tel no: 023 80 490773

WINCHESTER   tel no: 01962 840511


Please use the Website Link below to see the full range of services and products we can provide to you.


We Look Forward to Hearing from you ! 


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Aerial Installations Ltd
116 Hursley Road  
Chandlers Ford  
SO53 1JB  

Tel: 023 8025 3265  

Aerial Installations Ltd
Aerial services

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