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Blake Morgan in Souithampton

Souithampton : Solicitors


Blake Morgan

At Blake Morgan we have always excelled in finding the best possible solutions for our clients.

With exceptional talent and leading lawyers working across southern England and Wales, Blake Morgan has a highly skilled workforce with 130 partners and 1000 staff, giving our clients access to a great depth of skills and experience.

We act for large corporates, entrepreneurs and owner-managed-businesses, public sector and charity organisations.

We have specific expertise in:

We have specific expertise in:

·   Banking and Finance

·   Central, Devolved and Local Government

·   Charities

·   Development and Construction

·   Education

·   Health and Social Care

·   Professional Regulators

·   Retail and Leisure  

·   Social Housing


Offices in:

Southampton, Portsmouth, Oxford, Cardiff, London and Reading.

Phone number:

‪023 8090 8090‬





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Blake Morgan Website:

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Blake Morgan
Chandlers Ford  
SO14 1JH  

Tel: 023 81 789406  
Tel 2: 01962 808266  

Blake Morgan


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